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The involvement of a structural engineer is not necessary for most residential construction projects. Even when engineering is required, homeowners usually do not need to retain engineers themselves. However, sometimes a homeowner needs more responsive and personalized engineering services and should retain an engineer directly.

As a small practice, RJD Residential can work with homeowners to develop a customized scope of services based on the specific demands of the homeowner’s project. As a result, RJD Residential can provide a broad range of services to homeowners:

  • Investigations: RJD Residential can develop an investigation to address any number of issues, such as foundation cracks, basement moisture infiltration, structural distress, new construction or addition planning, and real estate transactions.
  • New Structure Design: Working with your architect or contractor, RJD Residential can provide complete structural plans and specifications or consult on specific structural components and systems. These services can usually be provided for a fixed fee with follow-on services provided on an hourly basis. Note: RJD Residential strongly recommends that homeowners retain an architect when planning new construction or major renovation projects.
  • Foundations and Retain Walls: Whether you need a foundation design for a prefabricated home or an elevated existing structure or a stand-alone retaining wall, RJD Residential can provide the specialty engineering capabilities to provided cost-effective designs, construction documents and construction-phase assistance.

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