Richard J. Driscoll, P.E.

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Richard J. Driscoll

Richard J. Driscoll is a structural engineer with over ten years of professional experience. His professional specialties include foundation analysis and design, assessment and protection of structures adjacent to construction sites and design of temporary structures for construction. He also performs forensic investigations and claims support services in connection with construction damage, foundation waterproofing failures, foundation movement and excavation support failures. His other professional interests include investigation of existing buildings, historic design and analysis methods, and railroad bridges.

Mr. Driscoll is licensed as a professional engineer in the District of Columbia and several northeastern and mid-Atlantic states and is a member of professional societies. He has contributed to projects throughout the country, with particular experience in the Washington, DC metro and New York City areas. He earned undergraduate and graduate Civil Engineering degrees from Tufts University (Structural and Geotechnical concentrations) and a graduate degree in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University (Structural Concentration).

Mr. Driscoll’s personal interests include baseball, especially the New York Mets, model railroading, news, politics, rock music and open-source software.