Roof Systems

A building’s roof provides essential protection to the structure and its occupants against the elements and resists the forces from wind and snow. Ordinarily, residential roofs can be designed using prescriptive code provisions. However, in locations with high snow loads, like much of New Hampshire, structural design of a roof must be performed by a licensed engineer or architect.

In addition, engineering analysis can help solve problems with existing roofs. The roofs of many existing homes are under-strength with respect to current codes. Therefore altering an existing roof or increasing the load by adding solar panels or even insulation without engineering analysis and design can code violations and risk performance problems.

RJD Residential can assist homeowners, architects and contractors with a variety of residential roof-related problems:

  • Feasibility studies for adding loads to or altering to existing roofs;
  • Condition assessment and analysis of existing roof structures
  • Design of new roofs for high wind and snow loads;
  • Analysis and design of roof-support elements requiring engineering by code, like trusses, girders, and columns.
  • Investigation of roof distress and failures;
  • Remedial design of under-strength or distressed roofs.